Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Professional Carpet Cleaning in OKC: Beyond the Potential Savings

Okay, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks by doing something yourself? How hard can it be, right? In the case of carpet cleaning in OKC, for instance, you might think there are many professional cleaning tools and machines for rent, and all you need is a little elbow grease and the job gets done for less money.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bring Back Your Carpet’s Magic with Professional OKC Carpet Cleaning

While there have been many innovations and changes in the carpet industry, one thing remains the same: keeping your carpet in top condition is the only way to make sure that its appeal lasts. In order for your carpet to remain both functional and aesthetically pleasing, proper maintenance is a must. If you are in need of carpet cleaning in OKC, professional services will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a fresh and hygienic carpet. Moisture can quickly sink deep into carpet fibers and having professional cleaning can prevent mold and mildew growth. Body fragments and waste left behind by thousands of microscopic dust mites can trigger allergies; regular cleaning can eliminate dust mite infestations. Cleaning specialists can also remove the pet dander, dirt and dust, air and particle pollutants, and insect allergens that are retained within the carpet.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trusted OKC Carpet Cleaners Properly Service Rugs that Cost a Fortune

Carpets and rugs have truly become functional works of art that people can turn to without the need to go to auction houses. As these rugs have achieved the status of being luxury and collector items, homeowners cannot leave carpet cleaning in the hands of amateurs who can mishandle or even ruin such an important piece of investment. Fortunately, trusted OKC carpet cleaners like Anew Carpet Cleaning are trained at properly servicing similar rugs that cost a fortune. Professional carpet cleaning in OKC is very beneficial for rug and carpet owners that have expensive pieces of home accents. Professional services can help improve carpet durability, as well as increase the carpet’s life before signs of damage start to appear. These businesses carry specialized equipment and cleaning products to ensure proper handling of their customers’ rugs.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Stop Fido from Soiling the Carpet with OKC Carpet Cleaners and More

Life in The 405 can be quite stressful if you can’t get a good handle of what goes on in your household, especially when it comes to your pets and where they do their business. Sure, you can always hire established OKC carpet cleaners like Anew Carpet Cleaning to help you sort out the mess and get your carpet looking and smelling like new, but there are also some simple solutions that you can try for yourself: Regular Walks In some cases, dogs only soil carpets because they don’t get enough time outside to do it, so it’s best to walk your pet as often as you can, and do it regularly, too. Dogs remember consistency, so if they think that they’ll be heading out soon, they might be better able to hold it than when you just leave them in the house all day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

People Need Reliable OKC Carpet Cleaning To Launch Successful Events

People can easily find good carpet cleaning in Oklahoma City and nearby areas, but screening the one that best suits client-specific needs is another thing. For hosts of special events, and even for regular carpet use in homes and offices, they must ascertain that the cleaners are established and have a track record of competence and customer satisfaction. Clients should also be able to get the feeling of security that their rugs are in safe hands, and that they’ll be able to use them the moment they need it. Tried and tested companies, such as Anew Carpet Cleaning, are offering residential and commercial customers with green carpet cleaning, and even fast-dry carpet cleaning, that surely makes any flooding situation seem like nothing but a thing of the past. These companies have trained and professional staff members that help make carpets last longer than those which are not regularly cleaned.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pro OKC Carpet Cleaners: Dirty Carpets Have Equally Dirty Secrets

Ask any OKC carpet cleaning service provider and they’ll definitely agree to the statement above. Why? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), filthy carpets are shown to hold up to 8 times their weight in dirt, bacteria, fungi, and other allergens that they routinely trap. Here are some of the most common dangers that dirty carpets could harbor.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Carpet Cleaning in OKC: Tips on Removing Chocolate Stains from Rugs

The use of more potent cleaning solutions is also needed for harder to clean stains, such as pet urine. These are chemicals that have to be used with extreme care, as they can potentially cause harm in humans.

In addition, carpet cleaning requires a lot of work and patience. A person could take hours of scrubbing and cleaning to simply restore a smudged and soiled area. To get rid of bigger and more stubborn stains, therefore, it is best to call on Oklahoma City carpet cleaning professionals, like Anew Carpet Cleaning. These experts will use the right cleaning agents that will be most effective for different types of stain, without damaging your carpet. They can also do the job safely and more quickly, using the proper techniques and protective gear.


Monday, March 10, 2014

OKC Carpet Cleaners: Your Go-to Guys for Severe Stains and Wicking

For more serious cases of carpet wicking, however, it would be wise to call upon reliable OKC carpet cleaners. Those unsightly stains can, in fact, lead to costly carpet damage. The underpad, for instance, may have to be replaced if the stains manage to seep through this underlying layer.

In particular, homeowners would do well to choose a trusted carpet cleaning company like Anew Carpet Cleaning that uses quick, fast-drying, and eco-friendly spot removal solutions. Such in-home carpet cleaning solutions are designed to conserve water. In fact, modern carpet cleaning methods no longer require hosing down the affected areas, thereby reducing the impact on the environment and speeding up the entire process.